About us

Innovation and Insight FZE (iN2-comms) is an innovative strategic communications company that uses communications to create and shape the conditions necessary to improve resilience, interdependence, tolerance, stability, economic growth and opportunity throughout the MENA region

Our mission

We use strategic communications as a tool to create positive change to promote long-term stability in countries that are entering, enduring or emerging from conflict.

  • All of our projects work towards improving economic growth, political stability and unity in the geographies in which we and our clients operate.

Our team

Innovation and Insight’s international team of experts brings a variety of disciplines to the table; unparalleled regional, linguistic, cultural and political knowledge, news media understanding, diplomatic, military, disaster response and development experience.

  • We quickly gain a 360-degree understanding of the challenge, and then build strategies combining communications platforms, relationship building and physical activity. Our local teams ensure that all of the interventions we design are culturally relevant and resonate with the intended audiences. This combination of broad subject matter expertise and local knowledge is how we achieve impact.

Our values

Innovation and Insight is committed to excellence through innovation. Not innovation for innovation’s sake, but innovation in the pursuit of solutions to the complex problems we face.

  • We work tirelessly to support and empower people living in the countries in which we operate because we believe that sustainable solutions ultimately come from the communities themselves.

Empowering local voices

What we do

We bridge the gaps that make good projects and causes fail. Our specialty is translating intent into action, and we do it by seeking knowledge to understand the correct activity and then using modern methods of communications alongside old-fashioned personal interaction.

  • On a daily basis, our international experts assess challenges, brief clients on what needs to be done and support them as they implement the right activities backed up by media and other outreach efforts. We judge success by our ability to change behaviours and attitudes, and - ultimately - achieving our clients’ intent.
  • We work on a range of issues including: corporate, political and military strategic communications, risk mitigation, crisis first response, grassroots engagement and empowerment, counter-extremism, counter-terrorism, post-conflict recovery, conflict mitigation, stabilisation, reconstruction and development.


Private sector

We support corporate brands in providing continuity as enduring societal institutions in the face of shifting geopolitical landscapes. We help our clients find innovative and insightful ways of telling their stories - coordinating their words, deeds and images to mitigate operational risk, build brand recognition, trust and resilience.

  • The sustainability and resilience of corporate brands reside in positive popular perception. What sets great companies apart are strong, interdependent relationships with local communities that help achieve societal purpose. Truly global companies are increasingly faced with questions of the cultural fit and local appropriateness of their activities, and the stories they tell.

Public sector

iN2-comms staff have extensive experience of supporting international governments foreign policy objectives and implementing government strategic communication programmes. We seek to influence perception and behavioural change in audiences exposed to conspiracy theories, propaganda and corruption from their governments and other malign actors

  • We focus on audiences in and around conflict environments as well as hard to reach areas where access to free press, communication and information is controlled. We establish credibility and trust, informing all our messages and conversations with our in-depth understanding of local grassroots audience motivations, culture, interests, language, and aspirations.
  • Strategic communications provides an effective vehicle for achieving influence and effect with local audiences, whether it be through the use of mainstream, social and traditional media, large-scale local grassroots communication platforms, outreach, use of local credible voices, capacity building, public events and delivery of activity for communication as well as physical effect. We use innovative and well informed strategies to create and distribute these messages, with local partners, in support of positive change.

Who are we?

We are international subject matter experts focused on the MENA region, with 75% local staff from across the Middle East and Africa. Our operations are located in Turkey, UAE, Jordan, Iraq and the UK. We recruit from a broad range of backgrounds, experiences and occupations in the private and public sector. Our advice to clients is rooted in a deep understanding of, and passion for the region, its culture, language, gender issues. Every day we see the positive effects that can be achieved through the well planned employment of strategic communications.

  • Strong community relationships are pivotal to the security and prosperity of a business. Communities comprise future workforces, existing employees, partners and consumers, all with specific needs, aspirations and perspectives to be heard, and potential to unlock. In2-comms is committed to this idea of innovation through diversity, and to building capacity in our countries of operation. We reflect this commitment in everything we do, including building our team.

The British Chamber of Commerce in Turkey

iN2-comms is a registered Member of the The British Chamber of Commerce in Turkey

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