Public sector

In2-Comms has extensive experience working on international projects in the Middle East. The company’s international experts are drawn from a diverse range of backgrounds, including campaigning, diplomacy, aid and military. Our multi-disciplined teams draw on the cultural expertise of several in-country media production hubs as well as the granular knowledge of our ground-level engagement networks.

Our footprint in key areas of the region allows us unparalleled understanding and access in some of the world’s most complicated and dangerous trouble spots. We have drafted strategic communications plans designed to achieve specific objectives within a wider vision. Our teams establish the structures and support their functioning. While our knowledge gathering and media capacities ensure the projects have what they need to succeed.

A major advantage of our approach is that having invested in developing the right capacities within our company, we are not reliant on local powerbrokers as a conduit to local audiences. This means we are self reliant enough to bypass existing patronage networks or engage them on a more equal footing. Fully in control of all our processes every step of the way, we can act without hindrance on the results of our Act, Assess, Adapt evaluation model.

Private sectors

In2-Comms's commercial work focuses on mitigating operational risk in some of the most challenging yet rewarding markets in the world.

We combine deep regional and cultural understanding with high calibre strategic communications technical expertise to provide consultancy and training in three broad disciplines: