Insight and understanding: Consultancy and research

We translate our experience from the public sector – communicating effectively in some of the world’s most complex and contested environments - into the private sector. We assess what motivates or alienates people, predict potential risks or barriers to success, and build strategies and campaigns that work.
We focus on a narrow set of consultancy skills that play to our strengths as an organisation. What we do, we do really well. A commitment to innovation sits at the heart of our services, which include: grassroots and geopolitical atmospheric reporting, market-entry strategy; crisis and contingency planning; risk mitigation strategy, disaster preparedness; reputation management, rehabilitation and rebuilding; advice on engagement in hostile or contested environments; hyperlocal, local and national grassroots communications planning and strategy; SME engagement; geopolitical and environmental threats analysis; conflict negotiation and resolution; political, NGO and military liaison on behalf of our clients; internal communications; media landscape familiarisation.