Our Work

Research + Insights

In-depth, exclusive reporting on local and geo-political trends that informs strategies, safeguards investments and mitigates risk for clients.

Strategy + Planning

Identify and develop effective methods of reaching and influencing target audiences.

Creative Development

Craft narratives and messaging into compelling content.

Communication Interventions

Enable two-way conversations between audiences and market stakeholders.

Training + Capacity Building

Build communication skills and production capabilities for clients and local partners.

Measurement of Impact

Measure impact as well as changes in behaviour, perception and understanding amongst our stakeholders and audiences.


IN2 delivers across five core solutions to address our clients’ needs.

Behaviour + Attitude Change

Behaviour + Attitude Change

IN2’s digital and grassroots efforts positively influence millions through credible and empowering programming.Our outcomes are measurable across countries and demographics.

Crisis Management

Crisis Management

We specialise in corporate and institutional crisis management for high-profile clients. Our expertise ranges from crisis response planning to media training.

Preventing + Countering Violent Extremism

Preventing + Countering Violent Extremism

IN2 is an industry leader in delivering innovative P/CVE solutions in hard-to-reach areas. Our multi-disciplinary approach employs culturally-relevant and evidence-based strategies that blend digital and offline initiatives.

Media Development

Media Development

We offer a full spectrum of media development services, training and capacity building dedicated to countering propaganda, misinformation and the proliferation of ‘fake news’. Our initiatives support credible media (digital and traditional) at the local, institutional and national levels.

Risk + Security Consulting

Risk + Security Consulting

We provide intelligence-based solutions for complex issues, drawing on exclusive local insights and in-house expert analysis to identify the catalysts and drivers of change.

Thematic Pillars

Our solutions and expertise are based around four thematic pillars:

Community Resilience

Assisting conflict-affected communities to mitigate and prepare for crises, whether geopolitical, natural, operational, systemic or human.

Reconstruction + Stabilisation

Identifying the barriers and opportunities for communities to overcome the destruction of conflict and plan for a safer, fairer and more prosperous future.

Economic and Social Development

Using research, analysis and communications to address social, economic and political grievances. Promoting tolerance and empowering communities.

Cultural Regeneration

Using cultural heritage projects to revitalise communities. Demonstrating diversity in local economic development, and building community resilience to identity-based conflict.

IN2 supported a community radio station that gave trapped residents a voice and a line to the outside world. In stark contrast to violent rhetoric from extremist media — which had sole control of the airwaves — the station provided listeners with credible information and entertainment programming which had been banned.

IN2, in conjunction with Google Arts and Culture, the Economist and local media organisations, facilitated the first art exhibition in the city two years after the Islamic State’s defeat in Mosul.