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Our uncommon mission matches our uncommon approach. We seek to understand our audiences on a granular level and meet them where they are - often literally. With this understanding, we build locally-focused, community-driven campaigns to empower some of the world's most isolated and marginalised people, while building resilience and stability in even the most challenging locations. In such places, where information is often unreliable and hard to come by, we make it relevant and accessible to both our clients and audiences.

While we specialise in fragile and rapidly changing environments, we are equally capable and experienced in developing and managing local and national campaigns across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. All our campaigns, wherever they are carried out, are grounded in extensive research and are constantly evaluated through feedback to ensure their effectiveness. Our creative studios, in Iraq, Turkey, Jordan and London, produce a full range of media products including graphic design, documentaries, animated videos, TV and social media content, virtual reality experiences, podcasts and radio programmes.

Our team of over 160 professionals draws from the best in communications, research, academia, behaviour science, audio-visual production, digital media, and radio. We have staff from over 20 different nationalities, most of whom are bilingual. Our team includes native and fluent speakers of English, Arabic, Farsi, Kurdish, Turkish, Swahili, Portuguese, French, Spanish, German, Russian, and Ukrainian.

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